Newsletter – 7

Kon-Tiki News – July

Welcome to Kon-Tiki News, the only newsletter for the Kon-Tiki Medical Centre on the Sunshine Coast. The new year is well and truly underway and Kon-Tiki is striving forward with bringing the coast new and vital health services. National Diabetes Week and World Hepatitis Day take up the space for this July, along with a gentle reminder of some things we offer at Kon-Tiki.
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Book an Appointment Online

Just a little reminder!

We’ve got some fantastic services available you don’t want to forget about!

We have a mobile app! It’s available for download through Itunes and Google Play. You can book appointments, check in to the practice, and even read up on a tonne of medical info if you’re interested! It’s a one stop shop for everything Kon-Tiki, easy to use, and we’re very proud of the work put into it.

We also have a Facebook page! It’s filled with all sorts of information — from strides we are taking at Kon-Tiki to ensure we deliver the best possible care, to important notices the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service has for the coast. 

It is also an excellent way to get in touch with us! If you want to send us a message via Facebook for any reason, we’ll get back to you ASAP.

And don’t forget, we have a clinic dedicated to treating varicose veins and cortisone injections! The first consultation for the varicose veins appointment is free! This is a service we’ve been working so hard for and we’re so excited for it to kick off and get busy. Give us a call on 5349 0390 to find out more!


National Diabetes Week


A complex condition, diabetes is where somebody cannot maintain healthy levels of glucose in their blood. Glucose is a form of sugar and one of the main sources of energy for our bodies, and insulin is the hormone that makes sure this happens. In people with diabetes, insulin is no longer produced or not produced in sufficient amounts by the body. While there is no cure for diabetes currently, it can be managed with daily self care and an effective routine.

Diabetes Australia works tirelessly to providing information and support to those living with diabetes. They have a helpline you can call, along with links of info and research for all types of diabetes. There is also information on how you can donate and help support Diabetes Australia in all the work they do.

So, if you or someone you love has diabetes (or if you’re just interested), check their website out!

World Hepatitis Day

28th July

World Hepatitis Day is one of WHO’s seven officially mandated global public health days. Across the world, 300 million people are unaware they live with viral hepatitis, and each year over 1 million are killed. World Hepatits Day is dedicated to raising awareness for this disease and finding the missing millions that go un-diagnosed. In 2016, a global elimination strategy was adopted to eradicate hepatitis, and currently a cure exists for hepatitis C, along with a treatment and vaccine to help with hepatitis B.

With such strides in treating hepatitis available, it seems remarkable that so many are living with this disease, completely unaware. If you believe yourself, or a loved one, might be living with hepatitis, the World Health Organisation has an online screening test to start your journey towards treatment, along with advice on steps to take afterwards, and how you can help support WHO in their search.