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Welcome to Kon-Tiki News, the only newsletter for the Kon-Tiki Medical Centre on the Sunshine Coast. The new year is well and truly underway and Kon-Tiki is striving forward with bringing the coast new and vital health services. June marks the middle of the year and a fantastic month dedicated to children, to mental health, and one of Australia’s deadliest cancers.

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National Burns Awareness Month

It’s getting hot in here!

National Burns Awareness Month

As an initiative of Kidsafe, June has become the month for burns awareness. The aim is to create the greater awareness among the community in regards to burns prevention and the correct first aid treatment necessary, since with winter comes a significant increase in burns and incidents.

For information on how to administer first aid, along with how you can help support Kidsafe, check out their website!

Correct First Aid Treatment for A minor Burn

Infant Mental Health Week

Let’s look after those little brains

Infant Mental Health Week

From the 10th to the 16th of June, Infant Mental Health Week is dedicated to reaching as many as they can on the importance of giving every baby the best possible start in life. Infant Mental Health refers to “the developing capacity of the infant and young child (from pregnancy to 3 years old) to experience, express and regulate emotions; form close and secure relationships; and explore the environment and learn,” all in the context of the caregiving environment that includes family, community, and cultural expectations. (Osofsky & Thomas, Zero to Three, 2012)

It is well established that good mental health begins in early childhood, so any service that is dedicated to looking after kids is crucial and much needed. The Australian Association for Infant Mental Health is one such service and for more information on what they do and how you can help them, check out their website!

Red Apple Day!

19th June

Red Apple Day!

Bowel cancer (also known as colorectal cancer) is the third most common type of newly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Over 15,000 people are diagnosed every year, and over 5,000 die. And with 30% of cases being linked to family history or hereditary contribution, bowel cancer is a disease that deserves an appropriate amount of serious consideration and solemnity.

Bowel Cancer Australia is dedicated to doing all they can to research this devastating disease and support those living with it. They have excellent resources and details on their website on how they can help you, and how we can help them. Give it a browse and support an excellent cause.


27th June


Approximately 12% of Australians will experience Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) sometime in their life, with serious accidents being one of the leading causes of PTSD overall. PTSD is known as a particular set of reactions that can develop in people who have been through a traumatic event which threatened their life or safety, or that of those around them. As a result, one of the many symptoms of PTSD can see the person experiencing feelings of intense fear, helplessness or horror.

If you feel as though you or a loved one might be suffering from PTSD, Beyond Blue and the Australian Resource Centre For PTSD have some excellent information. There is information on PTSD, along with the numbers for helplines you can call. They are both wonderful resources for anyone in need

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