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General Practitioners on the Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for general practitioners
 in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast? At Kon-Tiki Medical Centre, our team of doctors and allied health professionals will coordinate your healthcare and help you achieve and maintain optimum health. 

Our General Practitioners on the Sunshine Coast

Our general practitioners and allied health professionals proactively work towards delivering quality primary care services. 

Our Services 

At Kon-Tiki, our Maroochydore medical centre doctors and allied health professionals work hand in hand to provide you with the care best suited to your specific needs and requirements. We cover all aspects of general medicine, including: 

  • Chronic conditions (e.g. Diabetes, heart conditionschronic pulmonary disease) 
  • Child health 
  • Acute serious illness and trauma (e.g. accidents and injuries) 
  • Dermatology disorders that affect the skin, nails and hair 
  • Drug and alcohol problems 
  • Eye and ear health 
  • Musculoskeletal medicine and injections (e.g. back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis and broken bones) 
  • Occupational medicine 
  • Iron Infusion 
  • Testing and follow-up treatment for various cancers 
  • Palliative care 
  • Pain management 
  • Sports injury 
  • Sexual and reproductive health 
  • Preventive tests (e.g. pap smears/Thinprep CST and tests for skin cancer and other cancers) 
  • Nutrition, diet, and exercise 
  • Mental health 
  • Common colds, cases of flu, infectionsand viruses 
  • General health check-ups including testing for diabetes and checking blood pressure and cholesterol 
  • Referrals to other specialist doctors (if required) 
  • Spider vein and superfici varicose veins treatment  


Read on our website kontikimedical.com.au to get to know each of our general practitioners and our services to know how we can help better! 


Our Doctors



After graduating from the University of Queensland in 2002, I then completed my training as a Specialist GP with Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of GPs in 2008. Since then, I have been practicing in the Redlands and Brisbane for over 10 years. My special interest areas are Women’s Health including IUDs, Antenatal and Postnatal Care, and Paediatrics. I have also been working in Outback Queensland in the field of Aboriginal Health for the past few years. I am very experienced in managing complex chronic disease. I look forward to caring for new families on the Sunshine Coast. I enjoy gardening and going to the beach.



Maria joins Kon-Tiki Medical Centre with 11 years experience, working within general practice. Prior to General Practice she has been working as a House Officer in various hospitals in Brisbane, Gympie and Mt Isa. Maria enjoys all aspects of General Practice but has particular interest in Women and Chidren’s Health and Dermatology. Maria’s interests out of work include studying interior design, spending time with her family and walking on the beach.



We are excited to announce that Dr Tim Kenny will be joining our team, full time, on 16 July 2018. Dr Tim has been taking care of local families for almost 20 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of General Practice. He’s always had a keen interest in a holistic approach to health care, looking to optimise patients’ wellbeing through diet and lifestyle choices, in addition to managing acute and chronic ailments. Tim completed his GP training in England courtesy of an army scholarship, subsequently working in Ireland, Germany and rural South Africa before moving to Australia in 1992. After two years in a Cairns family practice he returned to the bush, as Medical Superintendent of Julia Creek hospital. He particularly enjoyed the expanded role and challenges of working single-handedly in a remote area, where he felt he could make a real difference. Highlights included dealing with “some delightfully eccentric personalities”, treating multiple generations within families and the opportunity to mentor medical students. He moved to the Sunshine Coast with his young family in 1999. Tim is married to Holly, has two boys and a love of all sports. Interested in becoming a flying doctor at one point, he held a private pilot’s licence in the UK, the USA and Australia – but swapped them all for a tent, a Coastal Skipper certificate and a pair of joggers! Most Saturdays, if he isn’t working, you’ll find Tim pacing the boardwalks of Point Cartwright alongside the other Park Runners. As yet he hasn’t managed to persuade his family to join him! Tim is a Fellow of the College of Rural and Remote Medicine and his other areas of interest include paediatrics, the full spectrum of general practice, nutritional and environmental medicine. He has a Diploma in Child Health and has been a member of the rural Doctors'association of Queensland management committee.


MBChB South Africa

Dr Rodney Matisonn (MBChB South Africa) has recently joined our team at Kon-Tiki Medical Centre. Rodney has fifty years of experience as a GP, as he obtained his Fellow of he College of Physicians in 1971 in South Africa. He then became principal Cardiologist at Wentworth Hospital and also senior lecturer in Cardiology at the then Univesity of Natal Medical School (1974-1978). In the interim he was also an associate Professor of Cardiology at UCLA (1975). Entering private practice in 1978 he soon became recognised as an astute and highly competent Cardiologist and developed a huge practice which bore testimony to his expertise. Despite his busy practice he continued to contribute to his medical colleagues by lecturing in Cardiology in the Department if Medicine of the University of Natal from 1978 to 1998. Dr Rodney is happy to see new patients and happy to help all patients in general practice.

Our Allied Health

Our Allied Health includes wide range of Facilities from:
Attune Hearing 

Attune Hearing Image


Facilitating hearing tests on site from Kon-Tiki rooms. 

For all bookings, tests, updates and questions about Attune's services - phone 1300 784 322



B.Sc (Physio), Accredited Hand Therapist (as awarded by the AHTA)

Bhavana has been working as a physiotherapist in the area of hand therapy and upper limb rehabilitation since 2006. She has gained diverse experience by working both in the public and private sectors in the UK and here in Australia. She has a current public hospital appointment as an Advanced Physiotherapist (Clinical Lead) for Hand Therapy Services at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

She has previously contributed as a director of the British Hand Therapy Association Executive Committee and a member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association Education Committee. Bhavana is interested in clinical research in hand therapy, having worked as a research coordinator at the Brisbane Hand and Upper Limb Research Institute. She has several research publications in peer reviewed journals and presentations at national conferences. She also participates in teaching in courses related to the subject of hand therapy.

Her main areas of interest are managing conditions and injuries that affect the forearm, wrist and hand. She is also trained to manage patients following burn injuries and plastic and reconstructive surgeries (e.g. skin grafts and flaps, breast reconstruction surgeries, scar management following surgeries/burn injuries).

Website: www.advancedhandclinic.com.au



Bonnie comes from a background in biomedical science and went on to become a dietitian and clinical hypnotherapist due to her own lived experience with anorexia nervosa and recognition of the important role nutrition and the health of our brains play in preventing illness and promoting wellbeing.

She has worked in a diverse array of settings including hospital and community and has experience in a range of medical areas from oncology, diabetes, paediatrics, surgical and cardiovascular to renal.

Her area of interest now is in working with people in recovery from eating disorders or dealing with mental health problems including depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD and Asperger’s and using a combination of nutrition and neurobiology to facilitate them to build real life skills and resources to gain control over their thoughts, feelings and behaviours rather than be at the mercy of compulsions and so that health, self-trust and self-care come naturally.

Jenivieve Chate


Jenny is a passionate and caring nurse determined to provide high quality medical care to our patients here at Kon- Tiki Medical Centre. Graduating from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor in Nursing Science ; Jenny has a keen interest in chronic disease prevention and management, wound care, child health, mental health, women ’ s health and loves caring f or our ageing population. You can find Jenny assisting your doctor with procedures, conducting your health assessments and administering your injections.



After graduating from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a bachelor’s degree in nursing science in 2020. I am passionate about chronic disease prevention and management, proactive health assessments and caring for the elderly, and with two years of aged care experience. I am excited to provide safe and quality care to all my patients and you can find me collaborating with the doctors regarding your chronic disease managements or assisting completing your health assessments. I also completed half of my internship in paediatrics, keen enthusiastic regarding child health and mental health for our young population. Looking forward to seeing you.


Special Services


Independent expert orthopaedic evidence and opinion. We provide our services to the Sunshine Coast from the Kon-tiki Medical Centre rooms.
Phone 07 3847 7388 or visit our website - www.integrityml.com.au


Dr Dhara Contractor

(MD with Honours)

Dr Dhara Contractor is a highly trained physician (MD) and proud founder and director of the Kon-Tiki Medical Centre. Over her 16 years of experience, she has confidently trained in large multidisciplinary hospitals and worked towards collecting medical experience from Russia, England, India and Australia.

Dhara has been serving the community of the Sunshine Coast for the last 10 years. She is devoted in providing the highest quality care for her patients, with wide interests in many areas of General Practice which includes skin checks, minor surgical procedures, skin cancer removals, women’s and children health, antenatal (pregnancy) care, men’s health, acute injuries/ illness management. Dhara works in partnership with the patients to empower them with the knowledge to make informed choices as per evidence-based medicine, for their chronic disease management and preventative care.

To place firm evidence based medical care for her patients, Dhara has further completed education, workshops and courses to expand her knowledge and skills which includes CCrISP( Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patients, Brisbane), ASE( Anatomy of Surgical Exposure, Cairns), DCH( Diploma of Child Health, Sydney),
CPC( Clinical Prioritisation Criteria’s for QLD health SCHHS for Paediatrics and Rheumatology), Ultrasound for medical and surgical procedures( varicose veins lower limbs and musculoskeletal injections, Melbourne). She previously held title’s of Associate Lecturer in the University of Queensland and membership to the ACAM(Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine).

Dhara continually pursuits towards creating solutions for better healthcare in our communities and she ensures that the best possible outcomes for the patients can be achieved along with multidisciplinary approached care. New patients and families are welcomed.