Iron Infusion

Indications to Iron Infusion (ferinject)

  • Demonstrated intolerance, non-compliance, or lack of efficacy with oral iron despite

modification of dose, timing and frequency.

  • Intestinal malabsorption of oral medications.
  • Ongoing iron (blood) losses that exceed absorptive capacity.
  • A clinical need for a rapid iron supply.
  • For use in patients 15 years or older.

As FERINJECT is not suitable for patients in some conditions, the patient is advised to organise a medical consultation prior to the iron infusion procedure, to allow safe administration.

Once the patient understands the procedure and consents on explanation (at initial consultation of medical review prior to the infusion )– medical consult charge – fees applied.

Iron infusion – elective procedure – the cost of $120 out of pocket. Patient to buy the iron infusion injection- the cost of injection available on PBS). Script will be provided to the patient at initial consultation).