Some early warning signs of hearing loss in adults are:
- having a ringing sensation in your ears (tinnitus)
- finding it hard to hear conversations
- asking people to repeat what they say
- having trouble hearing the doorbell or the phone
- needing to turn the television volume up louder than other people

Some early warning signs for children:
- speech and language delay
- do not respond to his/her name consistently
- speaking with a loud voice
- a lack of attention to sounds and what is being said
- a history of ear infections
- does not startle to loud sounds

Types of hearing loss

The hearing pathway can be divided into 3 general sections of hearing:
- The outer ear
- the middle ear and
- the inner ear

There are 3 types of hearing loss:
 Conductive hearing loss—caused by a blockage in, or damage to, the outer or middle ear. For example:
  - middle ear infections
  - a damaged ear drum
  - impacted ear wax
  - structural problems with the outer or middle ear
 Sensorineural hearing loss—caused by damage to the hair cells or structural problems in the inner ear. For example:
  - exposure to loud noise
  - diseases, such as meningitis
  - infections
  - inherited hearing loss
  - drugs/medication
  - head injuries
  - disease, trauma or sickness during pregnancy and/or birth, and ageing

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