Chronic Disease Management

Patient education

Strategic treatment plans

Allied health input to allow improve lifestyle with underlying long term illness
There are two types of plans that can be prepared by a General Practitioner (GP) for Chronic Disease Management (CDM):

GP Management Plans (GPMP); and
Team Care Arrangements (TCAs)

There are two types of plans: If you have a chronic (or terminal) medical condition, your GP may suggest a GPMP.
If you also have complex care needs and require treatment from two or more other health care providers, your GP may suggest TCAs as well.
Your GP or practice staff must obtain your agreement before providing these plans.

If a provider accepts the Medicare benefit as full payment for the service, there will be no out-of-pocket cost. If not, you will have to pay the difference between the fee charged and the Medicare rebate.

If you have both a GPMP and TCAs prepared for you by your GP, you may be eligible for Medicare rebates for certain allied health services. It is up to a GP to determine whether you are eligible for these allied health services which must be directly related to the management of your chronic condition.

The practice nurse can provide support and monitoring between visits to your GP.

Your GP will offer you a copy of your plan. You and your GP should regularly review your plan/s. Chronic medical conditions

A chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for six months or longer, for example, asthma, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and stroke. There is no list of eligible conditions. However, these items are designed for patients who require a structured approach and to enable GPs to plan and coordinate the care of patients with complex conditions requiring ongoing care from a multidisciplinary care team. Your GP will determine whether a plan is appropriate for you.

Please read the patient information attached, from the health department website, for more information.$File/Fact Sheet – CDM – Patient Info – Feb 2014.pdf

Chronic Disease Managements