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Welcome to Kon-Tiki News, the only newsletter for the Kon-Tiki Medical Centre on the Sunshine Coast. The new year is well and truly underway and Kon-Tiki is striving forward with bringing the coast new and vital health services. September is a big month — we turn two years old, therapy dogs get their time in the spotlight, and there’s a week dedicated to the continual wellness of serving and returned veterans alike.

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Welcome to the Team

Dr Dhara Contractor!

Now, you may recognize the name from our previous newsletters — Dr Dhara Contractor is not just responsible for Kon-Tiki Medical’s innovative sclerotherapy and musculoskeletal injection service, but the owner and director of our practice. And now she’s joining the team permanently!
Dr Dhara Contractor is a highly trained physician (MD) and the proud founder and director of the Kon-Tiki Medical Centre. Over her 16 years of experience, she has confidently trained in large multidisciplinary hospitals and worked towards collecting medical experience from Russia, England, India and Australia.

Dhara has been serving the community of the Sunshine Coast for the last 10 years. She is devoted in providing the highest quality care for her patients, with wide interests in many areas of General Practice which includes skin checks, minor surgical procedures, skin cancer removals, women’s and children health, antenatal (pregnancy) care, men’s health, acute injuries/ illness management. Dhara is committed to working in partnership with the patients to empower them with the knowledge to make informed choices as per evidence-based medicine, for their chronic disease management and preventative care.

To place firm evidence-based medical care for her patients, Dhara has further completed education, workshops and courses to expand her knowledge and skills which includes CCrISP (Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patients, Brisbane), ASE (Anatomy of Surgical Exposure, Cairns), DCH (Diploma of Child Health, Sydney), CPC (Clinical Prioritisation Criteria’s for QLD health SCHHS for Paediatrics and Rheumatology), Ultrasound for medical and surgical procedures (varicose veins lower limbs and musculoskeletal injections, Melbourne). She previously held title’s of Associate Lecturer in the University of Queensland and membership to the ACAM (Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine).

Dhara is dedicated towards creating solutions for better healthcare in our communities and ensuring that the best possible outcomes for the patients can be achieved along with multidisciplinary approached care. New patients and families are welcomed as she will be here from Monday to Friday. She will continue to see her sclerotherapy and musculoskeletal patients but will be expanding her practice to care for as many patients that walk through our doors as possible.

For more information, check out our website. You can also send us a message on Facebook and we’ll reply ASAP.

It’s electrifying!

It’s that time of year again! Your heart is obviously very important, and an excellent thing to keep an eye on, but October is the month to remind you how you can jump-start it in an emergency! Shoctober is also known as Defibrillator Awareness Month.

A defibrillator can make or break an emergency situation — survival rates for a sudden cardiac arrest can increase by up to 55% if the first shock a patient receives is from a bystander.





So, this month, consider getting some training on how to use a defibrillator. Shoctober have an excellent website dedicated to all things cardiac arrest and defibs. If you’re looking to learn or looking to outfit your workplace with a defibrillator, the Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation has a plethora of information available on their Shoctober website. Check it out!


World Mental Health Day

10th October

Did you know, 1 in 5 Australians are affected by mental illness and yet, don’t seek help because of the stigma associated? The 10th of October is World Mental Health Day — a day for global education on mental health, awareness and advocacy.

Do You See What I See? is a challenge that encourages the people of Australia to review their perceptions on mental illness and look at it in a more positive light. The aim is to reduce stigma and help pave a way for more people to seek the help they need and deserve. It should not be a shameful thing to seek help. It is a sign of strength, of wanting to get better, and a mark of incredible courage.

If you or any of your loved ones are affected by mental illness and feel as though you need help, we at Kon-Tiki Medical Centre can be of assistance. Our doctors are here to help you work out a mental health care plan and we also have a psychologist on-site you can see and talk to.

To book an appointment, give us a call on 5349 0390, book online, or shoot us a message on Facebook and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

“Handwashing with soap is an easy, effective, affordable

do-it-yourself practice that prevents infections

and saves lives.”

Global Handwashing Day

Are your digits squeaky clean?

October 15th is Global Handwashing Day! For some, the means to wash our hands is something we take for granted — clean water and soap — and for others in the world it is a luxury. Global Handwashing Day is a cause dedicated to raising awareness for the sheer difference that access to soap can make.

If you’re interested in the effort and what you can do to help, have a browse of Global Handwashing Day’s FAQ page and website!