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Welcome to Kon-Tiki News! The first newsletter for the Kon-Tiki Medical Centre on the Sunshine Coast. This month of September, we’re celebrating our very first birthday and hoping to shed a little light on a couple of subjects that September is all about. Read on and find a bit of info about Prostate Cancer, Veterans’ Health, and Therapy Dogs.
We’re excited to have you with us! Enjoy!

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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month


Check in on the men in your life!



In 2016, prostate cancer was the third most common cause of cancer death, and in 2018 the risk of a male being diagnosed with prostate cancer by the time they’re 85 is estimated at 1 in 7. As an age dependant disease (meaning the risk of developing prostate cancer increases as you get older) it’s important to band together and support any foundation helping those at risk and suffering.

Have a look at the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia for more information on the disease and just how you can help.

Veterans’ Health Week


22nd September – 30th September



This year Veterans’ Health Week (VHW) will be held from Saturday, 22nd September to Sunday, 30th September. The theme is Nutrition! It’s so important to look after those that do, and have done, so much for our country. It’s the least we can do to support our veterans and make sure they’re okay.

Click here for more information on this vital week and any events happening in your area to help raise awareness.

Therapy Dogs Awareness Month


Who doesn’t love puppies?



It might be hard to believe, but over 20,000 Australians enjoy a visit from therapy dogs every week! Not only are the dogs adorable, but they also play a vital part in caring for patients’ physical and mental health.

Head on over to Delta Society Australia for more information on how you can support this great service!

And if you’re simply in the mood to be cheered up by adorable pictures and videos of dogs, you can’t possibly scroll past We Rate Dogs on Twitter!   

Have a browse and meet all sorts of pups like Molly here. So fierce and yet, so adorable!

Check them out over here.